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The Gapeman is back and he wont be satisfied until hes stretched out and gaped every womans asshole that he comes across. How far open can you gape an asshole.
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Next, nurse Ashley Blue makes a house call looking to treat an injury. Ashley tells him she's never been gaped, and wants to try.

She discovers Gapeman on the floor in the garage. She sucks his dick, then they fuck straight to anal, with toy insertion, hilarious comments from Nurse Ashley, and near-continuous gaping!

When Ashley asks him about his name, he says it's a nickname he got from an ex-girlfriend, because he would always distend her anus.

Обзор Описание: Summary: B. He casts both one-time-only debutantes and industry sluts in nasty, hip hop-influenced productions flavored with bangin' beats and Pumper's own inimitable flow.

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Later, she continues the hunt to apprehend Gapeman, онлайн, who's sitting in the kitchen jacking off.

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Warning: This movie goes deep, and is for hardcore gape-lovers only! He reams her ass good, smelling the gape, and unloads his cum onto her cherubic face.

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